Saturday Possibilities

Eat watermelon

Lay in the sun

Go sailing

Eat delicious food

Relax in the shade

Have a beverage or two

Kiss someone you love

Weekend Wars

I don't know about you, but this Friday I am TRULY happy it is Friday...
Let the weekend wars begin.

So awesome.

I really want to figure this out...?

Same nose? hmmmmm....

Baby Freja.. I heart you!

Um.. yeah, that's pretty much amazing!


Saw this and was instantly like...

I know.. so mean...
but come on!

Maybe it's the color...
I don't know but I love this

Ummm.... what?

Super cute.. could use a bit more hooligan,
maybe some black here and there, but I like.

Spilt Milk

No reason to cry over it

If you can't already tell by how many of these images I've posted... I want one.

You know who you are.

This would've come in so handy yesterday...
and pretty much everyday.


Coco Rocha to no longer work with Terry Richardson ever again...

Wonder why?

Some people hated on this and I am BAFFLED!
She looks drop dead here... heart.

Prada & Things

Prada & Cindy

Prada & Freja

Prada & Jessica

Stop it right now!

Coolest treehouse I have ever seen...
I still want one.

Get mad at me for posting this...
dare ya.

Let's just hope you don't grab the wrong one...

Um... jealous!

My summer time pad...

please... pretty please, can I have it?
I will be SOOO good!