We're LIVE!!!

It's official... Dainty Hooligan Clothing is officially live.
I'm officially a happy lady.
And will not get mad at you if you decide to check it out.
Shopping these one of a kind vintage items is just around the corner, so keep checking back.

Not Everyone can see it...

pretty much a goddess

shooter mcgavin


I need to be there. drinking that. now please.

penny for your thoughts

Possibly my favorite quote.
Taken from my amazingly talented cousins tumblr, thepoisonedyouth.tumbr.com check her out.

Manhattan vs Moscow Mule

Although the ever tempting copper mug makes the delicious Moscow mule taste delicious, I have to say, in my opinion, at this point in time, the manhattan takes first place. Not mad at either though.

Dainty Hooligan at Stade Co.

Just finished setting up for the Stade Co opening party tonight. So come by tonight from 7pm-10pm, to see brand new one of a kind Dainty Hooligan pieces, available at Stade Co, South Coast Plaza.

Dainty Hooligan now available at PORT!!!

One of a Kind Dainty Hooligan Clothing pieces now available online at Port.
Every piece is a one of a kind vintage piece, so grab yours while you can.

Who are you?


ok is it just me or does this lady just look disheveled? From her super duper freakily perky boobs, to her camel toe... kinda creeps me out.

clean. pretty.