Behind the Scenes of the 2nd Dainty Hooligan Photo Shoot

Where most photo shoots start...

Needed to check the lighting, like my socks?

My guy Killa Kade and my boo Christina...

And here it is, Spring 13, Dainty Hooligan.

The prep.



The talent.

Ok, you're only getting a few sneak peaks...

Picking photos as we go... I'm a multi-tasker, what can I say?

She's a babe!
And bye!

PS stay tuned for the launch of our Spring 13 collection, every piece is one of a kind hand picked vintage... so get ready.

Ramona Wine Cave

Good Morning Ramona...

Nothing like waking up to fresh squeezed OJ straight from the tree.

Wine cave, if your lucky I'll take you there...

Sneak peak, that's all you get.

The Cordiano Winery... BEST EVER.


And you have to end the night making home made jam at 1 am...

Not mad.

Just saying... it changes daily...

Sunday Funday with Baby Levi

First things first...

Mommy and baby!

What happens in Vegas... Ends on up my blog

Yeah right, I wouldn't do that to my babes and bros.
But you can see these photos...
Yes of course I'm starting this segment off with a drunken dash to the drained pool!

I'm sorry but this makes me happy.

Maybe my favorite photo ever... Don't ask what happened... I will say it had something to do with alcohol and super bowl... But that's it.

Birthday baby G.

The "ah... did I just loose $XXXX or win?

Broken Homme and Waar showing at Capsule...I was a proud mama bear that day.

And I'm done.