Dirty Hippie Stripper

Just an FYI a Chai soy latte with a shot of espresso is a dirty hippie stripper, thought it might help the baristas get a few less black eyes...
just sayin...

Get it lady! Not mad at miss kate at all!

Hump day :/

Future bedroom goal...
(might add a slightly bigger tv, and my own personal mini bar)

bottom four.


Tomorrow will be Thursday, and that much closer to Friday.

Almost friday... wecandothis

hi pretty.

yes please.

some times this looks really rad.

obsessed with this hair color right now.

this trench is cute, i've been feeling them lately

Happy Hump Day


love/hate relationship

we would've gotten along grand...

Good the pressures off, now let's all get over ourselves and have some fun.


No your so pretty...
no YOUR so pretty...

Waiting for summer...
ps I am so getting a super soaker.

that's fine, and dangerous.

Night Crawler

I have these days quite often actually...

hearting this make up.
lip = awesome

not mad

fancy a...

Wouldn't it be funny if you looked down at your shoes and saw your undies?
Make a lotta guys happy out there.
Just sayin...
For sale?

Not mad.

And.. thank you.



Into the inside out sweater thing.
PS not the boots, so don't even question.